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22-Jul-2010 We are moving

IT Support

Now available: Expertos Oracle Apex Blog

Since September 26th 2008, you can access our Blog "Expertos Oracle Apex", here you will find tips, news and information about development tool Oracle Apex and other Oracle related technologies.

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Your meeting place

One of the objectives of iEskem is to become the meeting place for a large range of professionals, not only IT professional, but layers, doctors, accountants, and any kind of professional.

Our idea is to be the connection between the best professionals in Costa Rica and you, which need the help of them.

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We have a wide variety of products, principally on IT field. We have to offers you some open source products or we can design propietary products according to your needs.

Open source solutions

We can help you to install and configure open source solutions for the different areas of your company. Remember, with open source products, you don't pay for the product, you only pay for process like installation, configuration and capacitation of your perssonal. If you need systems for:

or any other field, we can help you. Just contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

Propietary products

If you prefer a system designed according to your needs, we can make it for you. We can be involved in your project depending of your needs.

We can be part of the whole project, or we can participate in one or some steps of the proccess: analisys, design, testing, implementation and evaluation of results.

Or, we can be assesoring your personal if you prefer.

For more information, just contact us.